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Aristos after more than 10 years of experience working in different sections of the production in pita bread bakeries based in Greece, he decided to create his own factory, one of the first in Athens, making the traditional Greek pita bread with his wife’s, Kaliope, traditional recipe.


The Company owns 6 vans for the daily distribution of fresh pitta bread in Athens and works together with wholesalers and representatives in the mainland and islands of Greece. Successful business leads to the expansion of the factory to new premises of 3000 square meters.


The second generation took over and the company increased its production capacity and clientele with the addition of a second production line and the expansion of sales abroad.


Greco Bread obtains HACCP and ISO: 22000 and starts private labeling and begins supplying some of the biggest retail and wholesale markets in Greece. 

Aristos and his son move into bigger and modern facilities of 5000 square meters which fully comply with the health and food safety regulations, with new and one of the highest standards of quality control equipment.An independent line of unique and different baking products such as pizza base, peinirli, burger brioche and hot-dog buns, is added to the production. Finally, distribution of products relative to souvlaki restaurants such as sunflower and olive oil, herbs, etc. is added to the supply chain of the company.

2015 – 2019

New dough processing machines and automated cyclothermic baking ovens are in place while the unrepeatable, traditional recipe of Aristos’ wife being still the same.

A daily distribution network is created, in Athens and in Peloponnesus, with 12 “pita bread vans” in response to the high standards and demand of the foodservice market.

2019 – Present

Now the third generation is becoming a part of the team, Aris studies abroad Baking Science & Technology (Management) and always with the support of his family, helps with the growth of the family business.

With exclusive and alternative techniques of training and with new and specialized PPE for the cleaning, production and distribution, our employees and our associates are playing a crucial role in the strength of our Company as we consider it essential to adapt and strive through the new circumstances that the whole world is facing.

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